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    Working principle of well type gas nitriding furnace

    Working principle of well type gas nitriding furnace

     The well type nitriding furnace is a periodic operation electric furnace, which is an energy-saving resistance furnace improved on the basis of a series of electric furnaces based on the actual usage of users. The furnace is a vertical shaft type, with stainless steel furnace tanks and material baskets inside. The workpiece is placed in the material basket, and the atmosphere is controlled by a drip type. The flow meter and dropper drop into the furnace tank, and the fan is installed on the furnace cover, which can perform forced circulation of temperature and atmosphere inside the furnace tank.

    Well type gas nitriding furnace usage: Well type gas nitriding furnace, also known as well type gas (soft) nitriding furnace, is a standard energy-saving periodic operation nitriding electric furnace. Mainly used for gas nitriding heat treatment of various steel mechanical parts, automotive glaze, motorcycle brake pads, molds, etc.
    Characteristics of well type gas nitriding furnace equipment: The electric furnace is equipped with a hot air circulation device, which can make the atmosphere and temperature inside the furnace uniform; The lifting of the furnace cover adopts an electric hydraulic device, and the lifting of the furnace cover is stable and without shaking; The furnace, charging basket, fan, etc. are made of heat-resistant alloy steel, with a long service life; The electric furnace is equipped with a fast cooling device, which can cool quickly as needed; The exhaust gas is discharged after combustion.
    Introduction to the Structure of Well Type Gas Nitriding Furnace: The SNRN series well type gas nitriding electric furnace adopts energy-saving furnace lining with dual water-cooled furnace cover, vacuum rubber seal, and temperature control in two or multiple zones. This greatly improves the insulation, temperature uniformity, sealing, and nitriding speed of the nitriding furnace. The shell of this series of well type gas nitriding electric furnace is welded with steel plates and profiles. The furnace lining is made of ultra-light, high-strength 0.6g/cm3 energy-saving and fire-resistant micro bead bricks. The outer layer of the furnace lining is sandwiched with aluminum fibers, and the interlayer is filled with expansion insulation powder. The heating element is wound into a spiral shape by high-temperature resistance wire and installed on the bricks of the furnace lining. A stainless steel vacuum tank is installed in the furnace. The furnace cover is equipped with a double headed stainless steel drip injector for drip injection, ensuring a uniform temperature and atmosphere inside the nitriding furnace. The furnace cover is equipped with sampling pipes, exhaust pipes, and input pipes on the upper side wall of the furnace tank for * * input. The furnace tank and cover are sealed with water-cooled vacuum rubber and equipped with compression bolts. The exhaust gas inside the nitriding furnace is discharged through an exhaust pipe outside the furnace.

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